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Assertive Legal Services, Inc. was established with the intent of obtaining facts and providing service fast. Since the companies’ inception in 1991, longtime partners and founders of the firm – Patrick and Tammie Luquet – have established a reputation for getting the job done. Our firm has worked with some of the most respected litigators engineers and experts throughout the country and their services have been trusted by companies both small and large, public and private including:  Honda Motor Corporation, Yamaha Motors, Ford Motors, GEICO, US Dept. of Justice, Samsung USA, BMW North America, Michelin North America, HBO Entertainment Group, Showtime Entertainment Group, and many more. 

Our extensive experience with in-person research, law enforcement procedures, witness locations, and interviews sets us apart from other investigators. Our team legally gathers facts and develops information that provides our clients the tools to make decisions and evaluate their exposure. We have developed and maintained local, state, and federal contacts within all branches of government which allows us to gather information and documents in a timely, cost-effective manner. We understand that some cases may not have a large exposure; thus, we may only need to pursue minimal investigative resources to provide our clients with enough information for proper evaluation. If there’s a case or services that you need help with, hit the get in touch button below to see how we can help!

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All of our investigators follow these principles.


We take client anonymity very seriously.

'Hands On' Investigation

We believe in-person investigation provides information not available online.

Attention to detail

We use time tested methods to uncover evidence that was previously missed.

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