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We work during the day and night, memorialized hundreds of hours of High 8 mm, DVC and HD depicting activity that contradicts the allegations of countless plaintiffsOur goal is to give our clients realistic expectations before we engage the surveillance.
Our services include:
  • confirming and developing background information on the target
  • scouting the target’s favorite areas
  • developing useful INTEL on the target, known associates, and immediate household members


We provide our clients with a Pre Surveillance Evaluation analysis and all options available. If our PSE becomes an active case, we engage and terminate as needed, and we let the activity level of the target dictate our on-location field hours. Our rule of thumb is to terminate a surveillance block if the target is inactive during a 4-hour period and shows no sign of imminent activity.

We develop a surveillance plan and gather useful intel to contradict false accusations.

Years of Experience
1 +
Total Cases
50 +
Subpoenas Served
50 +


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